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India: The guest is a god in Tripura

Tripura, India

My friend Bijoy kindly ask me to sit down. “In Tripura we have a saying that the guest is a god” he explains, “even if people are poor and food are limited, tripuri people will share as much as they can in order to take care of their guests”.

Tripura is one of the “seven sisters” states in north east India. We are in Jampuijala, the home village of Bijoy´s wife, Mina. Most of the houses are made of mud, and are surrounded by greenery, fruit trees and vast plains of ricefields.

It is still early in the morning. The small remote village is covered by fog, the cock crows and we are wrapping shawls around our bodies to keep warm. The fresh ray of sun hits the steam twirling from the cups. Mina serves hot chai tea with a humble smile.

I am absolutely not a god, but I certainly feel like one in Tripura.

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