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Thailand: Revisiting the master munk Kruba Noi

Kruba noi, chiang mai, Thailand

I will never ever forget my first meeting with the master munk Kruba Noi at Wat Sri Donmoon (Chiang Mai, Thailand). I had been visiting maybe hundreds of monks before that, but this was special. The temple was full of devotees waiting for the master. A characteristic rythmic sound of a wooden stick against the floor witnessed that the master was on his way to the alter. When he past me, Kruba Noi hit my head with a book. One of the old thai women whispered “chog dee” meaning good luck.

Kruba Noi is famous for making magical objects such as statues and amulets. They are known for giving protection and business luck. The temple was therefore full of business men in suits. I had seen it before in other temples. The special however, was when Kruba Noi started to chant his mantras. I have been told that he had powerful teachers and that he mixes traditions from Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

Anyway the chanting took me into an altered state of mind. Goosebumps all over the body-yes! But it was more like a stream of energy moving from the top of my head, down to my toes and back again. I am not kidding, but it was like a glimt into the mysterious soul, or into the real nature of being.

In 2015, I went back to Kruba Noi together with my girlfriend. I was happy that he remembered me. Kruba Noi is powerful and authoritarian, but in the same time very loving, kind and humorous. I have always been fascinated by special, charismatic persons. And Kruba Noi is certainly one of them. Respect!

How to get there: wat sri donmoon is in Chiang Mai province, but about 30 minutes outside of CM city, in Sarapee area. I always pay a tuk tuk driver to take me there and make him wait 1-2 hours. Show them a picture (there are more munks called “noi”) and most of them know. In 2015 I think I paid about 4-500 baht for the whole trip. For any further question, don`t hesitate to let me help you.

See more of my pictures from Kruba Noi and Wat Sridonmoon here :)

Partytrain in Sri Lanka


We was expecting a long and rather boring traintrip from Kandy to Ella. That was until Radeem found his drum. Those hypnotizing rythms is difficult to explain with words. You may imagine drumming in a way that even the most stiff norwegian have to shake embarrasseing with the body. And all the unknown people start to clap their hands and two old men throwed their walkingstick and started dancing in the gangway. The only time when the rythm stopped was ehen the train reach a new station. Sellers entered the train with chai tea, a variety of snacks, but most imortantly- PAN. Pan is betelnuts and herbs wrapped in a green leaf. Radeem pumped pan in his mouth and the drumming became even more intense. I hate dancing. Maybe it is a symptom of fear? Fear of letting the soul be free. Like a turte hiding in his shell. Well, Radeem and his friends healed me. “Awaken the spirit within!” He shouted. And while I was moving awkwardly around in the old train I felt really alive and at the same time a bit embarrassed.