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India: Wet, wetter, Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji, India, shillong

That´s right, Cherrapunji in northeast India is the most rainiest place on planet earth. Well, at least it have been so several years. Ironically the same place is really scarce of water in winter time. Like when I was there in january 2015- Cherrapunji was dry as a cookie (I was almost disappointed). However, the monsoon with its seasonal wind brings serious amount of water to the area and the sky opens up for six month long wet t-shirt party. With its deep rocky valleys Cherrapunji gives the impression of being on a different planet. This include “Nohkalikai”, which with its colossal 340 meters is Indias tallest waterfall. In other words, Cherrapunji is holding two natural records and this kind of feauters make the place famous. Cherrapunji is hard to get to, but if you are in the northeast of India, it´s certainly worth a visit.

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