Frank Hansen

Frank Hansen
Anthropologist and travelwriter

When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile and very politely say: "you hit like a bitch!"

About Me

Together with my twinbrother, I was born the 1st of January 1981.  It was a cold and dark winter day in the north of Norway. Maybe that´s why im longing to warm and exotic places? Anyway, 34 years later, I have become an anthropologist with “wanderlust” defined by Oxford Dictionary as “a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world”. I express my experiences by text and photography, both on my own websites and as a freelancer for travelmagazines.

In present time, I am doing my Ph.D in Health Research.  I am analyzing cancer patients stories in order to understand their treatmentchoices and how they create their own pathways as active individuals. Hopefully can I use my background as an anthropologist to make life better for one of the groups that suffer most, namly persons with chronical disease.

Hobbies: writing, photography, travelling, cigars, perfume, art, painting, football, blogging, meditation, wine, fishing

Working Experience

2014 - present

University of Tromsø, Department of Health and Care Sciences, NAFKAM
Ph.D student

Research project
PATH (Patients Account of Trajectories to Healing)

PATH is a study of patient pathways in context of long-lasting illness. Nine norwegian cancer patients are followed over a period of one year with interviews, diaries and questionnaires. Our intention is to generate understanding of patients treatment choices, both within and outside the national health care service. Our aim is to learn more about the processes the patients are going through from diagnosis and the “journeys” in which they embark to restore health.


Freelance Writer and Travelblogger


Social Anthropolgy

Master thesis with fieldwork in Thailand:

The Lotus Flower Grows in Mud: perspectives on the commercialization of amulets and the use of money in thaibuddhism.

University of Tromsø


Social Anthropology

University of Tromsø, Norway
Cultural Studies, India