Going Native in Thailand


Thailand has become my second home. My girlfriend is from Isaan and yearly we spend weeks in her hometown. I also have been on several trips exploring this amazing country, including an anthropological fieldwork for seven months. Sometimes I reach the mental state of “going native”. It is when a person “adopt the lifestyle or outlook of local inhabitants”. I admit that the picture may look pretty unpleasant, but I had an hardcore hangover going on. However, after spending some time in the village the cap is switched to the farmers straw hat and malboro with the local handrolled tobacco. I start to mentally adjust to the local thai thinking. Slow living, seeking shadow in the middle of the day, eating on the floor in a circle and enjoying local brew under the stars. Learning the language, being open and showing respect are fundamental to fruitful stay, not only for you but also for the local people. Go native is going with the local flow of everyday life.