Thaibuddha statue is not decoration


“The Buddha statue is so beautyful” I said to Nong, my thai friend. “Yes indeed” he replied but said that “westerners often misunderstand  buddhist objects in thai context. They are first and foremost containers of  “saksit”, holy power.” Nong fired up three sticks of incense. He hold them between his palms and lifted them up to his front head. His eyes was closed and he was in a praying trance. He then but the incense stick in a big bowl, showed respect to the Buddha and left. I did the same thing. It really felt good and I got goosebumbs over my whole body. “The Buddha statues are a kind of spiritual technology in thais way of thinking, It contain supernormal power and laypeople may get protection and luck if we approach this power in correct ways,” Nong said. “That is why westerners are not allowe to bring Buddha objects out of Thailand. It will merely become decoration in your homes, and no respect is given to the holy power”. I could understand Nongs perspective. I don´t know what happened during this ritual, but it certainly gave me a good and unusual experience.